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Bluestone Album

March 28, 2010

Here is the album that I created with Mark Miller and Chris Arndt at Mark’s studio in the mountains. It was and is very special for me to have this music recorded available for people to hear. My time with Bluestone in the last 3 years or so has been a huge learning experience, tons of fun, and has produced some incredible music.

I was able to work with a bundle of talented musicians in this group: Mark Miller, Mark Cornett, Todd Oppel, Chris Arndt, Mike Kline, Mark McCrady and Bob Vignali. Did you notice the list of Marks? My next band will be a electro pop band where everyone plays keyboards called…Matt and the Mark Magnets?


Bluestone Videos

March 25, 2010

Here are a couple of vids of me and the fellas playing in Bigfork MT this summer.


New Music…

March 20, 2010

Just finished another improv style piece with the tenorion- and piano. These are fun bits to dobecause while imperfect in ways, they represent me at that moment, I don’t over think it, just flow with it.

Starlight by Matt Jones


Slipping On…

March 20, 2010

I just finished a bit of music that just happened in my studio as I was sitting there avoiding my usual practice routine. I finished setting up the pieces and plugged in my recorder and just went for it with my looper, tenori-on and piano. I’ve got another tune like this coming soon.


New Tune Up

March 16, 2010

Here’s a tune that I just got up, an oldy, but a goody.


Mini Studio

March 15, 2010

Just finished setting up my mini studio.  Laptop running Reason, USB Keys, Nord Stage, and Tenori-On.  I’ve got a stack of ideas for tunes as well that I dreamed up the other night, so it’s all ready to go.  I’m looking forward to creating in my new space.  I’ve also got some ideas for acoustic tunes with accordion and guitar, though I’m not sure my instruments are up to the task, I’ll at least get some rough work done on those.


A new phase of music

March 12, 2010

I just got back from an audition with the US Navy Music Program and I’ve got about 1.5 months before I go to basic training.  I’ve got a lot of plans for the time I have left.  I’ve got some tunes that I’m writing that I’d like to finish and get up for people to hear.  I’m hoping to get some of my older material up here, including music from my band Bluestone and material from my podcasting days.  I’ve got a ton of stuff to share, and I’m looking forward to getting it up here for folks to enjoy.    So look forward to electronic, jazz, ambient, and acoustic music from me in the coming days.