About Matt

It’s a challenge to describe who I am and what I’m up to.  I could tell you that I live in Kalispell, Montana, that I’m married with 2 kids and kat.  Or I could say that I love music and it’s hard to pin down what I do: play piano in a funk/jam band,  play in a jazz trio.  creating electronic music at home, or just playing at a local coffee shop.

Bu that wouldn’t be enough.  It misses the part about how when my daughter was born, i had a realization: Iwas a father and responsible for another human being, and I wanted to give her the most of what life has to offer.  I want her to live life to the fullest and reach her full potential.  The only way I could communicate that was to do it for myself, meaning a drastic recommitment to growth as a musician.

So that’s what I’m put here on te planet to do, create beautiful sound (even strange or disturbing). To let music pour through me into the world, for other people.


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